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It was sometime ago, water wasn’t a part of my daily routine; my consumption of liquid only consisted of juice, juice and more juice. My eating habits were as per usual not healthy. Being in university full time doesn’t allow you to divulge into any practical diet/healthy plan, unless you’re on the honour roll and ‘constant’ studying was not on your list of things-to-do. I’m sure a few of us can profess that, every summer our parents would give us a full dose of “wash out”, before going back to school. My question is; as adults, when was the last time you partake in such activity? I think after a major illness, most people see how imperative it is to eat healthy.

Note: As university students changing your diet can be simple, especially if you live on campus and cooking is a part of your regime. Simply adding to your list, foods that will allow you to eat healthier.

Fast forward to the future

After landing my first job after University, I took the liberty to start drinking water regularly. Other than tea along with breakfast, I had water throughout the day, with lunch or with anything else that I was snacking on. That was the first step. Afterwards, I bought Multi-Vitamins/Fish Oil/Aloe Vera tablets. The Omega 3, is useful as well, it contains Flaxseed Oil/Fish Oil. They can be found at any Health Food Store or Health Brands on Molynes Road (That’s the source)

Colon Cleanse/ Detox Diet

I took the liberty of doing an extensive research on Colon Cleanse. I’ve started the process; the method I choose was the Good’N Natural Colon Cleanser, which contains 240 Capsules. I lessen the intake of certain foods like; white rice, pork/beef/sugar, my intake of sugar was blasphemous (I’m a chocolate fanatic, I also have a sweet tooth) I started eating food that was easier to digest. Preventing waste build up inside the body is an important part of maintaining a colon health.

A colon cleanse is simply getting rid of waste/toxins in the body, there are different methods of colon cleanse including; insertion in the rectum, a diet which entails drinking shakes etc. It’s important to choose one that suits you, therefore changing the way you eat also integrates in the process. The diet can be done within 2-4 weeks, after which, maintaining a proper diet is important.

Food to eat:


Fresh Fruits:

Whole Grains:
Bran Cereal
Whole Wheat Bread
Fruit Juices

Note: If you must fry your food, use extra virgin olive oil.

Not to eat:
Red Meat
Processed Food: Canned Food/Instant Noodles/Hot Dogs/Frozen Meals
Carbonated drinks, Sodas/Alcohol/Coffee/Black Tea

P.S Google is never too far, you can also read more about Detox/Colon Cleanse and other methods of purifying the body.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” – La Rochefoucauld


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Women are Gullible Too


I was having one of those conversations at work, about women who succumb to the lies of men. The ones who for some reason or another believe ‘freeness’ last forever. The ones who solely depend on a man, to cater to their needs, then are surprised when he has left them with nothing but the clothes on their backs. After much deliberation, I will proudly say ‘women are gullible too’. I will not digress and speak about men who are gullible, that will be for a next post.

Listen women! You need to wake up and smell the roses, herb or whatever it is that you’re sniffing and who cares, even the Chanel cologne that you wear so evidently. Even though society has kept repeating that ‘men’ should be the caretaker, doesn’t mean you should take out your heart (dash it out without warning) and give it away 100%, leave some for a rainy day.


I’ve heard stories about men claiming back their goods that they have bought women, whether it be; clothes, car, furniture or for some reason stop spending lavishly, taking their dependent ass to dinner and shopping spree. It makes me think about men in this modern world, but I also think about the women who have been robbed of such delicacy, yes; a lot like fine wine.


“Mouth meck fi tan cross way”


Invest/plan a head:

Think and Grow Rich or in layman’s term “Whore with a purpose”

I’m not a Pastor or Psychiatrist, so therefore don’t take my foolish advice. I’m not here to tell anyone how to live their lives or who to invite in their bedroom, but nevertheless if you do this and you’re being “rewarded” please invest it (nothing last forever). As tiresome as it may sound, many men have convinced women that they will always be there, yes and there have been many believers. Well, one day he may or may not be, then you are left stranded, alone, dosed with a double shot of dependency. Society will make and break you; the same people who party with you, will laugh at you when “Papa Joe” comes to collect. They will find another friend/associate to party with. Some friends will not dry your tears, but profess that they did warn you about the risks.

For the non-awardees’ whose men are mean and will only pay from their pockets (direct deposit, not giving you the cash in hand), that includes taking you to shopping, paying for your rent. Ensure that what he does for you, you can do for yourself. Make it a number one priority to be able to pay for your rent, buy your necessities, so that when he makes a raucous at your apartment door, you can simple tell him to step aside and get a life.

What will you do?

Reality hits, it has happened to you, what do you do next? Sit and cry/find another man to satisfy your unwanted needs?. My mother always declares “Yuh tears caa frighten mi”. I definitely can say your tears will not comfort you, but make you miserable; it will not feed/clothe you. Women I implore you to be smart, it’s not betrayal to take care of yourself. I wish fewer women would stop committing suicide/have their hearts broken, over trivial matters. So not only think smart, but act smart. Before you ask a man to “pay for it”, think about the future.

Companies such as NCB, BNS, JMMB and Capital and Credit, just to name a few, are right at your finger tips. They will provided added service, they will not disappoint you.

Don’t let it happen to you!!


Independence wasn’t dubbed a classic word for the sluggish, but for the aggressive – Grace


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Free Your Mind


It was one of those typical days, I was on my way home from work, on my usual route to Papine. I usually get on the bus, sit by myself (I’m a loner) and listen to Barry G/News on Nationwide. But that day was different, the moment I got on the bus, I was greeted by Etana’s song “Free”.  For those of you who know that song, it holds a very powerful message. I forgot the amount of appreciation I hold for the song and the artist.  Automatically I went into evaluation mode, entering into deep thought. I thought about how imperative it is to free your mind; not just from how you think/perceive life, but from this humane society. The prolific artist said it: “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley. In today’s society, stress is one of the most common conditions that affects the human body, both internally and externally. The forces of the universe attack the mind/body/soul in a sometimes deceptive way. I won’t divulge into the history of stress, but my point is: we as humans can evaluate how we respond to levels of the different factors that affect us on a day to day basis.


What affects their decisions?


Influence/Social Acceptance – This aspect of life is what we are accustomed to, it is the most influential. How we socialize with our peers/friends/associates is now deemed more important than thinking for one’s self. The impact these relationships have on us is just as important. It’s sad to say, but a lot of people live vicariously through others, especially with the cultivation of social sites/music. Some people want to be accepted by the very same beings that love-hate them. If they don’t do what their friends are doing, they are labeled the outcast, or the non/un-cool friend. As for some, just to be accepted, they will go to the extremes of going broke and stay hungry till the next day.  I’ve seen it many times before; it’s even more prevalent now with the vast majority of social gatherings. It seems to me that thinking for others is the new trend; suddenly they don’t have a mind of their own (you are responsible for what you think, it’s a control mechanism).  As a result of this, some people lose their basic right to choose. There is a tug and war between their selves and their minds. For some reason we always play the “Good Samaritan”, which is the right thing to do. There is a difference between being used and helping another. Some people take the opportunity to become leeches.  They become leeches, then roaches, so much so that they crawl into your skin and suddenly you start to draw from their negative energy. We all have friends/associates, but we must be wary how much of our energy we let other people consume. Protect it, it’s your right.


“Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.” — Martin Luther King Jr.


You should;


Forgiveness – This is one of the most difficult tasks; it uses that part of you that you would not want to divulge and give to another that doesn’t deserve it. One of the noted writer’s said “The person who inflicts the injury goes free, leaving the injured party in pain and misery.” He also said, “Forgiveness is not the denial of the emotions of hurt and anger. Forgiveness does not repress and hold down feelings. Forgiveness does not suppress the fullness of the pain. Forgiveness does not pretend that everything is fine and act nice when the problem does exist” – Bob Philips. Therefore you see how imperative it is to forgive.


“Forgiveness is surrendering my right to hurt you back if you hurt me” – Mark Twain


Breaking Cycles – Breaking cycles is one of the most euphoric experiences known to man, it’s like a new change/growth, or achieving a prestigious award.  Once you have broken those cycles, then you will understand what I mean. It starts with you. I stumbled upon this (breaking cycles) through frustration, it was a period in my life where I was frustrated with what was happening at that time, and like a new kid with a toy, I got excited to start this new venture. This was one of those activities I partook in. Like a new habit, I took it up forcefully and willingly. I will share one of my personal experiences. As I stated before, I don’t like talking about myself, so bare with me.


My personal Experience – I remember being in a particular relationship, even though I knew it was damaging (we argued a lot), mentally but not physically, if you know what I mean, either way I would still find myself back there. I’d gotten so used to the negative energy that it consumed me for a while. What made it so interesting was the fact that I would not go back for months (even though I was always welcomed no matter what), and each time I did, it became even more bitter-sweet/dangerous. One day I went into evaluation mode and said to myself “I need to break these cycles” (there were other things I needed to let go of) which I did. Mark you, it was not easy. With the relationship, I started to avoid the calls/texts (trust me, eventually they will stop) they persistently called for 1 month. Even between intervals, I thought they would get the point (there was no need for me to explain myself) but as I said it lasted for a while. In the end, after months of not corresponding, I was confronted with why I broke off the relationship. My response was “We are two different people, therefore being with you is not healthy” in which they responded with “Ok”.  I think at that point there was no use arguing anymore. What I’m trying to say is that you should control your life, take charge of it and if you decide to do something, stick to it. From that day on, I took it as my routine to break the unnecessary things that hurt me.



  • Sometimes we get so caught up with society that we forget the simple things, like: Praying/giving god thanks and reading the bible.
  • Sometimes we care so much about others that we forget about ourselves. Not understanding that it all starts within us.
  • We take so much effort into pleasing other people so we can be talked about and recognized. But if only we recognized how talented/special/unique we are, then there is no need for validation.


Free Your Mind:

  • Free your mind from the negativity that surrounds you.
  • Free your mind from how you think/feel – Pessimism.
  • Free your mind from the people who ceaselessly make you feel low/useless and unappreciated.
  • Free your mind from the social ethnic culture, that pressures you to do things you don’t want to do, when in reality that’s not who we truly are.
  • Free your mind from that negative person, who never ceases to lure you in with their negative energy. “Negative energy breeds negative energy” (introduce him/her to this blog)


Tips to free your mind:

Daily walks



Read the bible


Leisure reading/daily inspiration

Break bad habits and acquire new ones.

Love yourself – who you are is a reflection of how you deal with people

Appreciate yourself

Smile and complain less (people are predictable)

De-clutter your life – friends/home/mind

Surround yourself with positive people

Listen to your favourite band


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt




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People In a Mathematical Sense

Pretentious: Having or creating a deceptive outer appearance of great worth.


As much as I don’t like to talk about myself, I consider myself to be intuitive, observant, analytical and a keen listener. It’s the introvert in me. Just like basic maths; 2+2 = 4. Or in my world; Liability + Capital = Asset. People, on the other hand are the same; Maths/Formula. They are predictable as those storms you expect between May – November. If the world could produce more actors just by people being pretentious, then we would have a host of actors and actresses. People display this facade when you meet them, they want to be the perfect Mr and Mrs. Jones. What some people don’t understand is that, there are people like me, who dig deeper than the surface to comprehend everything in life. I hate anything frivolous. So the moment they open their mouths to show their pearly white teeth, I can actually see the stains protruding.

Some people are so pretentious and such liars, that they become predictable. I’ve had the repetitive conversations with some people, that after a while, if they could talk in their sleep, I would be right there to predict what they would say next. After a while you’ve heard so much, that in your head they have become monotonous and invisible. They even get worse than bad sex.

I can’t fathom why people have to get some affirmation in order to breathe; if someone doesn’t tell you that you are beautiful, chances are you’ll never see it. If someone doesn’t say good job, then you assume that you didn’t do well. I say go place an order of some self-esteem. People hide their sense of self, until it deteriorates, and that’s, in essence, why people put on a facade, so that they can feel perfect in others’ presence . They build the perfection ladder while forgetting what “life” is all about.


You live

Fuck up

Tumble down


Get heartbroken


It also has a moving on factor, I implore you to take it up.

Side Note; People don’t want to be criticized by society. People rarely admit that they are wrong (a fuck up). People always want to be right and do the right thing.  But life keeps you in check. My thing is, why lie? Why pretend, when people will eventually find out? In life you have to analyze information, separate the truth from the lie. If you fail to do so, people will take you on a never-ending journey and you could pray to God that you will come(cum). But you never will. I always say; people, who lie/pretend, will eventually crack. One day someone like me will be there to watch you crumble, because you desist from being truthful from the beginning. Anything started with a lie, ends as such. Just like most Marriages/relationships

In this day and age, do not let people of such caliber, takes up space in your mind. They will drive you insane, because when you sincerely want to help another with their problems, they bring you to this point, yes they will even “shed tears” (cow bawling/crocodile tears) to convince you that they are hurting. They tell you how they feel, and what they want to do about the situation and in the end, it was a sham. Predictable much?  Kind of like a lottery scam.

The more you hide yourself, from yourself, the more invisible you become – Grace Aitcheson

Live, love, learn and Grow


Grace Aitcheson

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Part 1: Rape and Father’s Who Partake

“Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused”.

Freda Adler

If I could die a thousand times, when I hear of someone who got raped, I would die a slow, yet painful death. Rape is not a joke and cannot be taken lightly. No one should be judged, nor stand a social trial for being a rape victim. You were not present when their soul was ripped apart by another; the cries at night and the paralyzing numbness.  Rape; it takes a part of you that cannot be replaced, compelling you to hate the world as you know it. You struggle as a victim, try to protect others and retaliate in some way or form.

As I lay in bed, writing this piece, I think back on the many stories that I have heard, both directly and indirectly. The fact that someone would commit such devious acts and continue their lives like nothing happened, pains my heart. It also channels that part of me, to protect the people I know, and the wider society. My heart goes out to those who are still suffering.

Clearly this act has been around for decades, the research can be proven, which also goes for the cases that have not been reported. There may be cases where persons whom have been raped and were not able to report it, because they fear for their lives. What should they do? Who do they go to? What will they become? Who can they trust? These are some of the questions I’m compelled to think about. We watch the news everyday about persons who become killers, robbers, or any other demeaning status, committing vicious acts. We as a society automatically judge them as being a bane to society, when in fact we know nothing about their lives. No; it doesn’t constitute or make up for the act, but that is their reality, how can they know anything else when the soul is bent on retaliation, when we know that people deal with anger differently.

“Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding”.

Kahlil Gibran

A lot of persons have become strangers to their own body because of being raped; the situation has made them become different people; some lesbians, gays and prostitutes can relay their story effortlessly. It’s not an excuse, but who am I to judge what they do with their lives? I applaud those who have been victims of rape and have decided to forgive the abuser, and move on with their lives. I will reiterate; rape is not a joke.

Father’s who Rape

In a home where fathers are dubbed the protectors of the household, why would they take the opportunity of robbing their children from their rights to live a wholesome life? Fathers how can you? I cannot fathom the reasoning behind a father raping his child. How do you face your child for the rest of your life?  Do you think about the risks involve?

If a child has been raped, the behaviour of the child will change, and if you have day to day contact with children, something will become apparent for you to question that child. Parents, teachers and caretakers, observing the behaviour of a child is critical, it enables you to decipher over time if something is wrong with that child. Withdrawing into isolation, not speaking to friends and not participating in class are some of the signs.  Take some time to speak to that child, not hurriedly coming to a conclusion, but take the time to gain trust. Hoping that child will open up to you.

I watched the news on World Aids Day and saw children from the tender age of 8 onwards populating the clinics because they have AIDS. Even though children do contract AIDS in the foetus from the mother, but very few survive past the first years of life. In any event, were questions raised? Where did this come from? How did it happen? Why wasn’t it reported prior to the findings?

People I implore you to educate your children, your Nieces, Nephews and Cousins. People; there can be a change, and the change is within us.

“By not coming forward about rape, you make yourself a victim forever”

Kelly McGillis


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‘Wifey’ Status Devalues

Like economics, if all things were equal and men would profess their transgressions, ‘Wifeys’ would bite their nails, and run to find a lawyer. I blame tradition for putting this word Marriage on a scale, when in reality respect is not shown. It has been said that many girls grew up fantasizing about this wonderful word, they would do anything before the age of thirty to get married, have kids, settle, get bored, and then die.

Lately, I’ve realized young ladies are worrying about ‘getting married’, and the ‘wifey’ status, that they so want to proclaim, is dubbed like it’s a prestigious award of some sort. Reality is, ‘wifey’, your status has been devalued like any vehicle that is being driven right at this present moment.

Why; because you wear a wedding band that you solemnly cherish, while you are not being respected. By whom; the men you marry, the ones who sneak out at night to have sexual relations with another woman/man/child, fucking them in whichever orifice they choose. While they come home with roses, singing ‘I love you’ like a perfect note sung by the church choir, and yes, their excuse is; ‘I was with the boys’

Why praise your status, when the other person who made it possible is not respecting you; even when you are aware of it? I’m sure that even when reality hits, you will not leave. The fact that society is going to think otherwise and gossip about the perfect world you unashamedly/openly bragged about, changes your perspective of not dealing with the situation, instead you complain to Tom, Dick, Susie and Harry about how miserable you are, disturbing their world, while yours is crumbling.

Do you even know the truth of why you got married? And please save the chit chat about love. He married your boring ass so that he could keep you home, raise the kids, and have indiscretions with the freak next door. The freak that actually takes the time to suck his dick, and knows that sex is not on schedule.

I know a lot of married men, whom 90% of them do not respect their wives. The power that was bestowed upon them has now been used to decapitate those who come in contact with them, and don’t worry, your head was the first to go. If he doesn’t respect himself, why do you think you’ll be favoured? Remember, a lot of his friends are on the other side of the fence, agreeing, laughing, wishing they could pinch you and tell you to run.

I wonder how many husbands would profess to their wives that they called off a relationship the day before they got married. Darling, not even your honeymoon was harmonious. No I’m not saying you should become a ‘Matey’. Instead, know who you are. Respect yourself. Be smart; don’t let the pressure of society decide your fate in an unscrupulous world full of deception. So ladies, while you beg for your man to ‘put a ring on it’, be open/prepared for the risks.

‘What you settle for, is who you are’

Grace Aitcheson


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